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Süleymanpaşa title was given to Tekirdağ central district on 6 December 2012.
It is given. Süleymanpaşa is the eldest son of the 2nd Ottoman Sultan Orhan Gazi.
Süleyman Pasha: Under the command and command of Orhan Gazi between 1317-1361
by taking the military, Malkara, Kesan, Hayrabolu, Tekirdag and Corlu from the Byzantines
He added it to the Ottoman lands. This is related with the transition of Turks to Thrace.
conquest was an essential preparation for the conquest of Istanbul. That's why
Süleyman Pasha is named Rumeli Conqueror.

Therefore, it’s obligatory to guage Süleyman Paşa district as part of Tekirdağ province. So: it’s acceptable to think about Tekirdag as part of the town heart, each by way of historical past and locations to go to.


The common earnings of the individuals dwelling within the district is excessive and this case is
it additionally impacts life. Public order occasions are additionally only a few. Especially within the district
In Barbaros and Kumbağ districts there are a lot of summer time homes and sea websites and
Accordingly, home tourism is kind of lively within the area in the course of the summer time months. District
altitude of the territory is 10 meters.



Kulliye: It is a 16th century work. Mosque, madrasa, library, double bathtub,
It consists of the bedesten, caravanserai and imaret. But solely these: mosque,
madrasa, imaret and caravanserai by Mimar Sinan, others
It was added later. The Grand Vizier Rüstem Pasha was
the groom is. The date of dying is 1561 and in Istanbul Şehzade mosque
It is buried within the tomb. It is named the richest pasha of the Ottoman Empire. when he died
left behind 12 million gold price of inheritance.

Today, it has remained solely from the mosque and the bazaar. Other buildings have been partially or utterly destroyed.


The courtyard is entered by way of a big gate from the north.

There is a fountain within the courtyard. Şadırvan: It was added by Sultan Abdülmecit in the course of the restore. Sadirvan: It is made from marble, with a wreath cap, sitting on 5 marble columns, with a lead-covered pentagonal roof.

Mosque: It has a single dome and a sq. plan. Inscription: The crown is on the door and it’s written in sulus writing. In the inscription: The title of Rüstem Pasha and the date of 1553 are written. To the proper is a restore inscription on the area of interest. In this inscription, it’s written that the restore was made in 1841 by Sultan Abdülmecid.

The mosque is made from clean minimize stone. It has a wood roof. See the wood wings of the doorway crown door adorned with mother-of-pearl and ivory inlays. The inside of the constructing, which is shiny and spacious, may be very wealthy by way of ornament. There are plaster reliefs with baroque flower and wreath motifs on the perimeters and the core of the dome. These decorations have been made in the course of the reign of Abdülmecid and the unique pen works have been destroyed. The minaret of the mosque is made from minimize stone with a polygonal physique. Its top is 34 meters and its diameter is 2.14 meters. It is roofed with a lead cone. The balustrades of the dignity are stone carved.


It is to the west of the mosque. It has six domes and measures 25.5 x 19 meters.
It is a vital a part of the advanced and is roofed with six domes. Domes octagon
It sits on the pulleys. Dome transitions are offered by pendants. To 4 sides
It has a door. Door arches are spherical on the surface and pointed arches on the within.
Constructed of stone and brick, the constructing has three lengthy sides and two quick sides.
There are home windows. The constructing used as a fabric warehouse for a interval, 1972
In 2017, a brand new restore was made rather than the exterior retailers.


It was constructed parallel to the Qibla wall of the mosque. 16 x 26 meters
It has an oblong plan. 5.5 meters under the extent of the mosque
the place the madrasah construction was constructed with the mosque or earlier than
It is believed. When the madrasa was devastated in 1880, a wood college on it
It is made. This college, which was used as a college and administrative for some time,
It took the title Cumhuriyet Primary School. Only the physique partitions of this constructing at this time
standing, the construction is in ruins.


The bathhouse of the advanced is adjoining to the east wall of the madrasa. Mosque left
It is positioned within the slim space that extends to the aspect and to the entrance. Pasha Turkish Bath
the recognized construction is a double bathtub. The males's part is sq. formed and the highest is domed. ladies
the half is rectangular deliberate with a roof coated entrance portico. Bath
Some of its construction has been utterly destroyed at this time. The stable half of the construction
It is roofed with a tiled wood roof and used as a warehouse.

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