There is an airport in Şırnak. The airport named Şerafettin Elçi is 17 km from town heart. Transportation between the airport and town heart is supplied by buses and taxis. Distance between Şırnak and Eruh: 47 km. Distance between Şırnak and Cizre: 40 km. Distance between Şırnak and Diyarbakır: 285 km. Distance between Şırnak and Siiirt: 97 km.


It is estimated that the settlement within the province space dates again to 7000 BC.
However, there is no such thing as a correct info and doc.

According to a rumor: After the Flood, "Noah's Ark is on Mount Cudi
stopped ”. The first group that got here down from that mountain first got here from Heştan (Yogurt retailers).
village) and the second group (the prophet Noah is on this group) Şırnak settlement
has established its place.

The identify of town was named "Şeh-i Nuh", which meant town of Noah,
this identify modified over time as “Şernah”, “Şırnek” and immediately as “Şırnak”
It has come.

Apart from this: When the historical past of Şırnak is examined, it’s seen that this place was neighbor to the states established in Mesopotamia akin to Assyria and Babylon in Ancient instances, after which it was uncovered to the raids of Cimmerians and Scythians. Persian domination continued till 330 BC. Then Alexander the Great and his successors, the Seleucids, are seen. In 639, the south of Eastern Anatolia and the southeast had been joined to the Islamic lands by İyaz Ganm in a short while. Turkmen raids start within the area in 1042. In 1085, the area was dominated by the Great Seljuk State. In 1514, Yavuz Sultan Selim added the area to the Ottoman lands. In 1925, Şırnak village left Eruh and there was an accident within the province of Siirt. In 1930, a municipal group was established. In 1990 it grew to become town heart.


Sirnak, Turkey has been the 73'nc province in 1990. Provincial heart,
Overlooking the southwest of the Namaz Mountain, which is 1990 meters excessive within the Southeast Taurus Mountains.
on the foot of the slopes, it was established on a sloping land. Middle of town
altitude of the part is 1370 meters.

Şırnak identify: It is talked about as a village identify on the finish of the 19th century. So,
a bigger settlement has not been established. The most vibrant space of ​​town immediately:
In the center of Atatürk road, Siirt road and Cizre road, the triangle
is the formatted space. Located within the excessive elements of town in the direction of the northwest
The altitude within the neighborhood reaches 1500 meters. The foremost livelihood of the individuals residing within the province
Animal husbandry is. Therefore, nomadism can also be frequent. They migrate with their sheep
collectively to mountain peaks the place meadows and waters are considerable in summer time, and in winter,
They migrate to the hotter plains within the lowlands. While males graze the flocks,
ladies additionally weave rugs and carpets from wool obtained from sheep. But the final
Due to the terrorist incidents within the years, the nomads have settled down.


It is a pageant within the metropolis to recollect the nomadic tradition and to move it on to future generations. Festivals are held yearly in Beytüşşebap plateau in August. The attire worn on the festivities, the performs performed, the folks songs sung, the lambs translated, the place the place the fertility and generosity are exhibited, the native tradition and hospitality.


The college was established on 22 May 2008. Within the college: There are four vocational excessive colleges, 2 excessive colleges, 5 schools, 2 institutes and three departments affiliated to the Rectorate and 73 open departments. In 37 of the 73 departments which might be open, schooling is definitely persevering with. Currently, there are 450 dormitories for women and 450 dormitories for college students within the metropolis heart. In town heart of Şırnak, there are numerous non-public pupil dormitories and guesthouses, resorts and flats owned by public establishments.


The phrase "Cudi" comes from the basis "cud", which implies "generosity". Mountains
the highest of it is sort of a palm, after the flood,
Due to the favorable situation of the visitors on board, this identify is given
It is believed.

Cudi Mountain, situated 15 km from the Turkey-Iraq border. 33 km northeast of Cizre,
It is 17 km away from town heart of Sirnak. The mountain within the type of ellipse, 2000
There are 4 foremost summits that exceed the meter. The highest of those is 2115 meters. 2017
The peak of the meter is known as as “Noah's Prophet's Visit Hill”. Height
though not a lot, it appears fairly spectacular from the west and south instructions.
There are pine and oak forests in areas of 1500-2000 meters.

Apart from all these numerical options, an important function of Judi Mountain
is the non secular facet. The Qur'an, after the flood of Hz.
it’s acknowledged that he’s sitting. Some of the verses had been interpreted in another way and Noah's
The place the place the ship landed was referred to as “Ararat” mountain. Essentially, Mount Ararat could be very excessive and
steep and essential for human life akin to water, tree, shelter
it lacks potentialities. Therefore, it isn’t potential for the ship to land there.
There are many caves to shelter in Mount Cudi. To the descent of the ship of the hill
creating an acceptable floor and having dietary potentialities
are the right suggestions for getting there. The identify of the place the place the ship is situated, Yeşildağ
his reception can also be essential. Conclusion: that is an assumption I wrote, there is no such thing as a definitive proof, this
So it’s pointless to enter extra element.


If you go to Şırnak area and wish to style native flavors: Kutlik, serbidev, pilaf, kipe, şimşipe, meyre, birinzer are advisable.


Since Şırnak is a brand new settlement, there aren’t any historic artifacts right here.


Ismet Pasha is within the neighborhood. It was in-built 1960. It has a ravishing minaret.


Ismet Pasha is within the neighborhood. It just isn’t identified by whom and when.

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