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The metropolis middle of Luleburgaz is 63 km from town of Kirklareli. D-100 freeway passes by way of the district middle. In addition, the TEM freeway passes Three km north of the district. The distance between Luleburgaz, Babaeski, 22 km, the gap between Pınarhisar is 30 km, the gap between Corlu is 46 km. Distance between Muratlı 35 km Distance between visa 55 km Distance between Saray 60 km and Distance between Istanbul 150 km. d.


It is the second largest middle of the province after Kırklareli metropolis middle. Thrace
is the 4th largest settlement. Lüleburgaz, busy on D-100 freeway
It is the final essential level of the economic zone in Thrace. The majority of Istanbul
The headquarters of the businesses are situated right here. Pharmaceutical firms particularly
Intensive. The staff of those firms reside within the district of Lüleburgaz. This
Therefore, the social lifetime of the district, purchasing malls and enterprise alternatives within the surrounding space
it’s extra developed than different locations and the folks round it migrate right here. District
The middle is 30 meters above sea degree. Summers are sizzling and
It is dry, wet and chilly in winters. Usually from the Balkans within the winter
affected by chilly air currents.


The first settlers within the area have been the Thracians in 2000 BC. Then the Greeks,
Persians, Macedonians, Roman and Byzantines are seen.

Lüleburgaz conquered throughout the reign of Sultan Murat I, Visa till 1879
persist with its banner.

Occupation by the Russians on the finish of the Ottoman-Russian conflict between 1877-1878
It is. The Balkan Wars in Luleburgaz in 1912,
are bloody conflicts. Then on July 22, 1920, the area was
is occupied by. After the War of Independence, on October 22, 1922
Greeks withdraw from Luleburgaz

Agriculture, animal husbandry, commerce and business with the republic: By discovering the chance to develop in Luleburgaz, it made Luleburgaz the economic and business middle of Thrace in 2000s.



It is in Turgut Bey road within the district middle.

Fountain; Sultan of the interval IV. By Mehmet in 1667
It was constructed. It is designed as sq. and sq.. Dome over
situated. Çeşme remains to be used.


It is reverse the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha bridge on the entrance of Edirne to the district.

The mosque was constructed by Hacı İlbeği within the title of his son Gazi Ali Bey between the years 1360-1363 throughout the reign of Sultan Murat I throughout the Ottoman interval. The mosque was constructed with stones introduced from Pınarhisar. It has a sq. plan and a single minaret. It remains to be open for worship.


It is on the entrance of the district.

Sokullu Mehmet Pasha: He is essentially the most well-known statesman of the 16th century. It is the palace groom of origin. He was born in 1505, adopted by numerous positions within the palace. He turned a grand vizier in 1564 and continued this obligation till the date of dying, 1579.

Yes, why Sokullu Mehmet Pasha constructed this advanced? Objective: It is a requirement of the Ottoman navy, political, business, social, communication and transportation coverage within the 16th century. Because, throughout the interval of Suleiman the Magnificent, the expeditions to the Balkans elevated, the significance of the Istanbul-Edirne-Belgrade street, which is an outdated Roman street and passes by way of Luleburgaz, has elevated. Therefore, this route was requested to be improved.

Therefore: It was constructed by Mimar Sinan and the Hassa Architects quarry workforce connected to it.
40,00zero exterior the Byzantine partitions, the vast majority of which have been destroyed.
It is unfold over an space of ​​sq. meters. A set of buildings began in 1549
20 years later, a caravanserai and a cross have been added, and in 1569
accomplished. Mosque and madrasa, General Foundations between 1952-1968
It was repaired by the Directorate.

Complex: mosque, caravanserai, tabhane, imaret, arasta, prayer dome, hazire,
madrasah, median faculty, double bathtub, bridge, fountain, waterways, outer court docket and
it consisted of doorways, social dwellings, bathroom, cistern and pavement.

The middle of the advanced: 59 outlets and prayers constructed on either side of the street
It kinds the interstice fashioned from the dome. Mosque, madrasa within the south of Arastan
and the first faculty, north of the caravanserai, imaret and tabhane.

According to the design, double bathtub homes within the east, constructed for some employees and
The fountain is on the west and the bridge is on the river additional away on the river.

Architecturally, the dome of the prayer, the north and south block buildings

The work doesn’t replicate the looks and identification of a provincial advanced. More Istanbul
reveals similarity along with his works.

Among the buildings that make up the advanced, the mosque, the madrasah and the median faculty type a unity.


The plan of the mosque displays the variation of single-room mosques inside itself. The place of worship is roofed with a dome. There is a double remaining congregation place within the north and an internal courtyard with a portico with a big fountain within the middle. The one-housed minaret within the northwest emphasizes the construction in a vertical course. However, the minaret of the mosque was destroyed throughout the Bulgarian occupation between 1910-1912, and it was rebuilt in 1934 in accordance with the unique.

The constructing, which is the biggest mosque within the district at this time, is effectively maintained and in good situation with repairs. Its treasure within the south has been eliminated just lately and the sundial has additionally disappeared. In the 2 corners the place the courtyard and the place of the final congregation meet, there’s a room for imams. The exterior institution of the fountain within the middle of the courtyard, which is entered by way of one door from three instructions, doesn’t adjust to the overall scheme.

The inscription, Sultan II. It was renovated throughout Mahmut interval. Lead plates within the domes of the mosque have been stolen some time in the past, similar to the disappearance of the sundial. Lead plates have been renewed and changed by the Regional Directorate of Foundations.


Except for the south of the courtyard, the primary classroom room positioned on three sides of the courtyard, the scholar
and employees rooms and hallways. The construction in good situation is
used for functions.

Medical School:

It was constructed to the south of the mosque. The advanced is within the perimeter wall.

It is situated on a excessive decrease floor. It is a single room, with a dome.
It is roofed. The basement of the imposing construction was truly the water distribution community of the advanced.


On the north aspect of the courtyard, which is utilized by the mosque and madrasah, on the axis.
The door is opened between the door that opens. Arasta to the north wing of the madrasa
It is adjoining and constructed on either side of a street operating within the east-west course.
consists of retailers. To date, solely the quantity has been halved and uncared for
There is a dome of prayer with outlets. The variety of outlets, the street is busy
and the business richness of the area.


The north of the advanced is reserved for caravanserai. Entrance to the caravanserai,
It is supplied with a door from the center and this door is
It is situated on the identical axis because the door. Thus, within the half the place the doorways are opened,
There is a highlighting and binding in it, and this half is the dome of prayer.
It takes the title. Caravanserai was based in 1935 by the Mayor of the interval.
was destroyed beneath the pretext of passing it.

Only the doorway door, the room subsequent to it, and a few of the stables
There are chimneys and niches. Imaret, tabhane and internal court docket are fully eradicated
and there’s a parking zone and street at this time.

Evliya Çelebi writes concerning the Caravanserai in her Travel Book: “Lüleburgaz
150 quarries going through the caravanserai like a citadel entered by way of an enormous door
is a superb hand. The courtyard, the place the place the camel is positioned and the barn are slender, solely the barn
It takes greater than 3000 animals. There are everlasting guards on the door. In the night
mehterhane is knocked on the door and the door closes. The guards burn the candles, that are the foundations,
they lie by the door. If friends arrive at midnight, open the door and go inside.
They obtain. They carry prepared meals. But if the world collapses, somebody in and out
don’t go away. This is the muse situation. When all of the friends stand up, once more
mehterhane is stolen and everybody turns into conscious of his property. The innkeepers are like brokers: O
Is the Ummah Muhammad, your property, your life, your horse, your frost all proper? Guests,
they’re all okay, proper, no, mercy for the proprietor, ”
open the doorways and on the backside of the door: you go off guard on roads, waste time, everybody
they pray and advise you to make buddies, stroll, and Allah is simple. Everyone
a method. This constructing is of Sokullu Mehmet Pasha and the iron gate
The inscription with the Karahisari line on the white marble stone on the arch is as follows:
It was written "This has always come to the caravanserai."


No hint of the imaret, which is accepted to be situated within the east of the caravanserai,
not it’s.

Double Bath:

The double bathtub, situated within the east of the madrasah and surrounded by outlets, is an efficient instance of its type. The double bathtub, constructed with outlets round, reveals an unsightly look at this time with shabby outlets and warehouses owned by personal property.


It is on the exit of the outdated Edirne street, away from the advanced.

The bridge on the Lüleburgaz stream is four-eyed, typically in good situation
and continues to perform at this time.


It is ruined at this time. Çeşme was constructed adjoining to one of many outlets within the space.

Dungeon Father:

The tomb is a pre-Ottoman horoscope, and was as soon as
it was adjoining to the advanced. So, constructed as an entrance tower to Caravanserai
It was. Later, it was reworked right into a mausoleum.

Although the tomb is architecturally paying homage to Bursa-type tombs, its true nature just isn’t recognized precisely. It is product of brick and patties. There was a wood clock tower on the constructing earlier than, it was demolished afterwards. The grave inside was destroyed by Bulgarian and Greek troopers. The three-storey constructing is entered by way of a small door on the northeast facade. There is a cylindrical pulley on high of the tower, which rises within the form of an oblong prism. Each flooring comprises a single square-based quantity. In the basement of the constructing, there’s a 3.70 x 3.90 meter shrine with cradle vault.

There is a rumor concerning the mausoleum. Though not sure, Sokullu
Kasım, who’s his personal son who was executed by Mehmet Pasha in Luleburgaz
Pasha, his minimize head was taken to Istanbul, and his physique was rumored among the many folks.
(in accordance with the rumor that somebody not responsible was buried right here) was buried right here. November
Pasha is the son of Sokullu Mehmet Pasha and politically martyred in Luleburgaz,
his incised head was buried in his father's tomb. On the tombstone right here,
it’s full of cash, and the phrase witness is written in its skinny witness.

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