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The district is 53 km from town middle.


It is estimated that the county was based in 15th century by Sheikh Shamil as a village related to Kalecik Mahi. The title of the county was “Konur” till 1940. In 1960, it grew to become a district of Ankara province underneath the title of Sulakyurt. Since 1989, he left Ankara and was related to Kırıkkale province.


The district is within the east of Kırıkkale, within the north of the Central Anatolian Plateau. The district middle and its villages and most of them are situated on the plateaus of the Karagüney mountains. There is Çorum Sungurlu district within the east of the district, Çankırı within the north, Kırıkkale Büstüeyh district within the south and Ankara kalecik district within the west.



It is in Yeşilyurt district within the district middle. To the north is the Mosque road.
Kulliye: It consists of a glass and a mausoleum to the west. Kulliye: Sheikh Shami and
It was constructed after the settlement of those areas by their youngsters.
Sheikh Damascus: his son and his neighborhood, coming from Damascus and topic to Keskin sub-district
It is situated between Kozdere and Eşme hamlets. But when to Anatolia
It is just not clear that it got here. It ought to most likely be the 1460's. Where they’re situated
they’ve a file that they’ve a verdict that they are going to get monetary savings.

Today, there is no such thing as a constructing inscription belonging to the advanced. But there may be details about Sheikh Shamil, who gave his title to the advanced. Evliya Çelebi incorporates two texts about Sheikh Shamil titled “Sheikh Shamil Sultan village range” and “Sheikh Shami Visit”. Şeyh Şami Complex is talked about briefly in lots of sources. The mosque and tomb have undergone many repairs.


It has an oblong plan within the north-south course. It is roofed with a hipped roof.
The final congregation place of the mosque is roofed with a loggia roof. Mosque facade partitions,
It is totally painted with white paint. Stone materials on the corners of the facade
It is organized.

It has a easy association on the east entrance. It has three window openings with iron bars, wood materials and sq. form. Starting from the southwest nook of the mosque, part of the western facade wall joins the east wall of the tomb. The minaret of the mosque is within the northwest. The shoe is fabricated from stone materials, which is at an equal peak with the mosque, and its shoe is fabricated from strengthened concrete. The physique of the minaret is fabricated from brick materials. There is a double-bald and a muqarnas association underneath the bald. Lead-covered cone part ends within the realm.

There is the final congregation place within the northern a part of the mosque. Plaster on the altar
All the decorations discovered had been made with low embossing method.

6 steps subsequent to the pulpit, adjoining to the western wall of the harim
The slender staircase fashioned permits the passage by way of the mosque to the tomb.

The mosque has been modified to a terrific extent with the restore made in 1950. The peak was elevated and plastered by including stone partitions to the mosque flooring to match the highway stage. The plaster altar of the mosque was dismantled and broken throughout the restore. Today's mihrab was rebuilt by trying on the components of the previous mihrab. The tomb with stone cones and cement mortars are plastered down the hill. As a results of the restore in 1950, the mausoleum flooring is beneath the mosque.


The tomb is adjoining to the southwest nook of the mosque. Its flooring is decrease than the mosque. It is roofed with a pyramidal cone, with a sq. plan, a cubic physique, sitting on a excessive octagonal drum. There is a two-storey window association on the facade of the tomb. There are two door openings related with the place of go to. One of them is on the western wall of the mosque. It is a wood and rectangular door. The predominant door, on the north facet, is fabricated from rectangular and wood materials. Inside the tomb is totally white painted. There are 9 sarcophagi within the mausoleum. None of the gypsum coffins painted in white have a date and date about who they belong to.


Yeşilyazı is 10 km away from the district middle and is within the village.

Written sources say that it was based by Sheikh Şami and his youngsters
It is written {that a} district was inbuilt Yeşilyazı village and this area was additionally occupied.
There is an inscription on the harim gate on the east facade of the mosque. To this inscription
According to the pinnacle of the advanced, it was constructed as Sheikh Carullah Ibn Sheikh Shami and constructed
It is written as 1531 date.


Today it’s beneath the highway stage. It is in a big courtyard.
It has an oblong plan within the north-south course. It has just one place. With hipped roof
It is roofed. There is a mausoleum constructed adjoining to the west of the mosque. South
There is a two-storey window association on the facade. The tomb situated within the southwest nook,
It covers a part of the facade. The single balcony minaret is within the southeast nook. Smooth
fabricated from minimize stone materials. Short, single balcony and adjoining to the mosque wall
It was constructed as. Rectangular wood door of the minaret, bursa arch
kind and within the north. The mihrab, pulpit and preaching bench to the south wall
It is organized. The altar is totally plastered and painted in white.
Pulpit: It is to the west of the altar, it’s fabricated from stone and painted with white paint.
The perimeter of the pulpit door, the place vegetative branches are concentrated
It is adorned with compositions.


From the southwest nook of the mosque to part of the western facade
It is adjoining. Square rectangular octagonal pulley in north-south course near sq.
It is roofed with a dome sitting on it. The mausoleum is on the facade partitions, from the bottom
rubble stone to a sure stage, then easy minimize stone to the protecting system
used. As a results of the repairs, the pulley and the dome had been renewed and
It was noticed that it was lined with plaster. Many graves within the courtyard within the courtyard
has. However, one tombstone attracts consideration. Three strains Ottoman textual content
and the date of 1291 might be learn. Superficial cracks within the tombstone
and the underside line is broken.


The city of Çerikli, 19 km from the district middle, Yenikent
neighborhood is.

There is a single line inscription on the doorway door of the mosque. On the door arch, the date of 1898 was engraved. The inscription is in two components at the moment and they’re stuffed with plaster. Therefore, it couldn’t be learn and a significant textual content was not reached. The mosque was constructed on a excessive space, there is no such thing as a settlement close to it.


It is within the Küçükavşar village of the district middle.

There is a 3-line aid inscription on the door of the tomb.
Today, the inscription is worn and unreadable. Tomb: 11-sided from the surface,
It has a round plan and is roofed with a pyramidal cone. Gate, north
On the entrance. The door is inexperienced and single-winged, steel. Visit venue
the partitions are fully plastered and painted white, however deep on the partitions
there are cracks. There is a porthole window on the south wall, on the northwest
small rectangular area of interest is seen. The solely sarcophagus within the tomb, with white marble
It coated. The mausoleum is in a really dilapidated state at the moment and
most of them remained underneath the bottom. There had been crops on the tomb.

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