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The district is 37 km from the town heart. Karakeçili, 30 km from Keskin,
Çelebi is 25 km, Bala is 25 km and Ankara is 95 km. d.


The Karakeçili tribe, from 24 Oguz tribes to Anatolia,
is a big group linked. Karakeçili nomads residing right here, Anatolia's
He is said to Karakeçil individuals residing in different areas. Karakeçili tribe,
It was positioned right here by the Ottomans within the 16th century. Formal
According to the information within the sources: In 1583, Karakeçililer, Ankara’s Bala
They have been positioned close to them.

Historical fort ruins within the hills to the southeast of Karakeçili
positioned. As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk handed right here on his method to Ankara, this
celebrations are held yearly on the street.

The district left Ankara-Bala district in 1990 and have become a district of Kırıkkale province.


The district is northeast of Ankara-Bala district. The east-facing territory of the district unites with what is named the zero level of in the present day's Kapulukaya dam lake, and this lake space offers Karakeçili district a pure magnificence. The altitude of the district is 1100 meters. Terrestrial local weather is dominant, winters are fairly harsh and snowy. Air temperature is mostly beneath zero. The summers are sizzling and dry. Vegetation is mostly steppe in summer time, as rains are low.


It is held within the district each second week of September yearly. For two days
colourful photos are skilled within the festivities that proceed, everybody from younger to previous
He has a superb time. At the festivities: numerous treats, circumcision, panel,
theater, firework reveals are held. Walks with Mehmet workforce
makes. In the stadium, mehteran reveals, native halay crew particular to the district
video games are exhibited. Karakeçili in bristle tents arrange within the stadium space
The merchandise made within the area of historical past and tradition are offered to the residents.



It is on Kızılırmak, on the 100th kilometer of Ankara-Kırşehir street.
It is named Köprüköy bridge due to Köprüköy positioned close to the bridge.

It has no inscription, and there’s no info in written sources. So it’s not recognized when and by whom it was constructed. However, it’s thought that it was most likely constructed within the Seljuk interval within the 13th century and was repaired within the Ottoman interval. During the Egyptian expedition of Yavuz Sultan Selim, the bridge was rebuilt by Mimar Sinan. Before the beginning of the Kapulukaya Dam, whereas the bridge was on the street route, then the foot components of the bridge remained within the dam water.

The bridge is 110 meters lengthy. Its width is 6 meters.

It is an efficient instance of bridges with derbent characteristic. Architecturally,
It is a beveled bridge. On rock floor and ft on stable floor
Curve was constructed following the rocks by taking into account the logic of the dam to sit down.
It is within the place the place it offers essentially the most applicable and stable passage to the river. Just earlier than the cliffs and
then the river expands and flows.

According to some info within the Ottoman archives,
there was an inn and a mosque. Also, in response to some sources, subsequent to the bridge,
signs with a statue of a lion. But in the present day on the bridge and
Around: There isn’t any lion statue, inn or mosque.

It is claimed that Timur's military used this bridge, advancing to the world the place the Ankara battle would happen in 1402.


The freeway from Ankara to Kaman is straight away left earlier than passing Kızılırmak
is discovered by. Excavations began in 2009 are nonetheless
It is ongoing.

According to those: the settlements listed below are Old Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Iron Age and Ottoman interval. Here: At the tip of the 2nd millennium BC, Hittite was an vital metropolis heart throughout the imperial age. Other objects proving this example are the development of a bridge within the narrowest a part of Kızılırmak within the 13th century and the presence of the bridge stays from the Roman interval. At that point, the area was an vital industrial heart.

During the excavations: An architectural construction from the Hittites was encountered. This architectural constructing: reveals the town of the Hittites from 2 thousand years in the past. The stone-built homes revealed throughout the excavations give hints of the lifetime of the Hittites. Also, throughout the excavations, the town wall and gate of the Hittite interval have been recognized. The soil filling the town wall courting again 600-700 BC was eliminated. When this soil was eliminated, a burnt layer got here out beneath it. This layer belongs to the Hittite Empire interval within the 14th century BC. Three of the flooring detected have been discovered to have a fireplace, which is proof of an amazing battle right here. This is a really large metropolis with the higher a part of the fort and the decrease metropolis beneath.

It is said that the area was used as a commerce heart as a result of its shut proximity to Kızılırmak, in periods of intense commerce. The glass bottle extracted from the Hittite interval (third layer) and the cuneiform pill courting to the Hittite interval are thought of as crucial finds.

There are attention-grabbing articles on the pill. “The country here is your country” on the pill
sentence and the pill was written between the 2 diplomatic
it’s thought of to be textual content. Again, a messenger on the pill
it was written within the letter that it was despatched and by no means returned. So two nations
There have been conflicts between. Again in excavations: From the bone of the Hittite empire
seal was discovered. This seal is straight with the Hittite capital of the town, Boğazköy.
reveals that he’s in relationships. This seal is the seal despatched from the capital
must be. Ornaments within the type of buttons manufactured from bone earlier than
It was discovered. Animal motifs reminiscent of panthers have been embroidered on this decorative merchandise. These:
It is thought that it belongs to the Scythians who got here to Anatolia in 700 BC. Because this
the identical because the panther image ornaments, manufactured from gold, was beforehand made in Russia.
It was discovered. One of the attention-grabbing finds discovered within the excavations made right here: white
is the panther head manufactured from marble. Lapis lazuli stone on the attention half
He was put. This is regarded as from 2000 BC. To Afghanistan at the moment
and these stones have been introduced. Again in excavations, glass courting again to 1700 BC
bottle was discovered. This is among the oldest glass bottles on the earth. Now
till this bottle was present in Boğazköy. Here is that previous glass bottle
its existence appears to disclose new concepts concerning the manufacturing of glass bottles.
When the analyzes associated to this are carried out, completely different substances from the glass bottle in Egypt
the potential of being made utilizing is talked about.

Archeological supplies unearthed in excavation, Kaman Kalehöyük Archeology
It is exhibited in its museum.

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