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The district is 47 km from the town middle, Kırıkkale. Ankara-Samsun
is on the freeway.


According to the ruins discovered within the district of Çömelek within the district middle, the Hittites had been the primary settlers within the area. During the Ottoman interval between 1760 and 1780, the Turkmen and Yörük tribes had been positioned within the area. They calm down the place the present title is Karabekir neighborhood. The title of the village established right here was "Karabekir" referring to the title of Demirci Karabekir, who got here to the area originally of the tribe. It is thought that the earlier title of the district is “Piran”. Its present title, “Delice” comes from the Delice River. Delice, which was a village in 1928 when it was a district of Keskin, was related to it in 1946 when it grew to become a district of Kırıkkale. In 1960 it grew to become a district.


Delice tea is likely one of the most necessary tributaries of the Kızılırmak river. After flowing for some time alongside the Yozgat border, it approaches Delice district middle. It then flows throughout the 2 provincial borders and leaves the provincial territory. The remainder of the stream in Kırıkkale province is roughly 50 km lengthy. Its altitude is 702 meters.


Salt, which is 20 meters underground within the district and obtained from pure spring water, is world-famous.

Salt: It is acknowledged that it meets the standards set by the World Health Organization and the Council of Europe and is wealthy in minerals. Salt is obtained naturally.


Mad currant is named “Mad white currant”. It is seedless, short-lived, so it isn’t discovered elsewhere as a consequence of its brief shelf life. If you go to the delice area, I feel you must style this grape. Grapes are usually consumed by making molasses. You may purchase molasses.


The grapes of the Delice district are well-known. The competition, organized by the municipality of Delice, is held within the district stadium. Awards are given to those that are ranked in grape and melon cultivation. Then: poems are learn, Mehmet Marşı and animation exhibits are organized.



It is eight km southwest of Tekke village of the district middle. A dominant
It is on the hill.

The western a part of the tumulus is steep and steep. Its peak perceived from east, north and south instructions is 30 meters. The tumulus is 50 meters in diameter. Agriculture is finished within the surrounding lands. There are unlawful excavation tunnels measuring 1.20 meters within the west course. This tunnel goes as much as 20 meters, after 20 meters, it’s divided right into a second department to the south. First illicit digging tunnel: reached the doorway of the burial chamber, however a second illicit digging tunnel was excavated as a consequence of an inner collapse. The second tunnel was dug from 5 meters under the identical place, continued for 15 meters and was divided into two branches.

The entrance blocks of the grave chamber are scattered. Occasionally with Horasan mortar
a reconstructed wall part attracts consideration. This state of affairs after its interval
signifies that the burial chamber was opened and reused. A second weave
There are traces of the layer. Here, Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum
A rescue excavation was carried out by.


In the archaeological analysis carried out in Yeni Yapan village and Çongar village of the city, sherds had been discovered. The city is likely one of the areas conquered by the Turks after coming into Anatolia. After the 11th century, Oğuz Türkmen tribes had been positioned in Çerikli area. During the struggle of liberation, the city of Çerikli made an necessary contribution to the nationwide wrestle. The city grew to become a municipality in 1967.


The mosque is estimated to be about 300 years outdated.

There isn’t any primary formation of the mosque, there’s a basement stage. It is overflowing round 80 cm. Joints are lime-sand blended mortar. Two rows of wooden poles sit on the spolia marble column base, which is kind of rotten and not loses energy. There is an inscription on the pediment above the mosque entrance door. There are star motifs within the spherical on the prime of the inscription and within the corners. It is known that it was constructed later, and it’s reached to the east by a wood staircase. The wood ceiling is in a structure together with the a part of the ceiling. The pulpit is demolished and the stone steps of the pulpit are in place. The wood ceiling of the mosque has sliced ​​slats round an oblong ceiling core. The mosque is in ruins, hopefully restored as quickly as attainable. Right subsequent to the mosque is a historic cemetery.

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